Drone technology data processing and data security challenges

On November 17, 2023, Dennis Gabor University will organize the professional conference entitled "Drone technology data processing and data security challenges".


The purpose of the conference

The purpose of the conference is to provide an opportunity for the actors of the domestic and international drone ecosystem to introduce themselves, to exchange professional experiences, and to build future collaborations and relationships. Another goal of the planned program of the one-day conference is to promote the expansion of professional knowledge related to drone technology among professionals and students participating in higher education.


The location of the conference: Dennis Gabor University, 1119 Budapest, Fejér Lipót u. 70.

The language of the conference: Hungarian and English.


 The main topics of the conference


Based on the recommendations of the expert committee of the conference, we provide outstanding professional speakers with the opportunity to publish their research results in the English-language journal "Informatika" of Dennis Gabor University.


The program of the conference

The conference program is available HERE.


The program and organizing committee of the conference


Dr. József Berke PhD, CSc

Dennis Gabor University, college professor, head of department (Drone Technology and Image Processing),



Dr. Veronika Kozma-Bognár PhD

Dennis Gabor University, vice-rector for science, college associate professor, kozma.bognar.veronika@gde.hu  


Dr. Gábor Nagy PhD

Dennis Gabor University, associate professor



Dr. István Vári-Kakas PhD

Dennis Gabor University, college professor, head of department (Information Technology)



Dávid Jakab

Omega Code Hungary Kft., executive director,



More information: dronkonferencia@gde.hu